Monthly Archives: February 2020

  1. How-to-program-Mazda-bcm

    Replace and program Mazda 3 rear body control module with Autel MS908

    Program rear body control module for 2015 Mazda3 with Autel MS908.

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  2. kia-ecm-key-replacement-and-programming

    2015 Kia K5/Optima ECM module replacement and reprogramming by Autel MS908

    After purchasing a new ECM and using Autel MS908 for programing, the fault fixed and the car started. Here shares the steps to program new ECM module.

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  3. program-key-for-2018-mazda3-axela

    How to program key for 2018 Mazda3 Axela all key lost?

    The case we will share in this post is programming key for 2018 Mazda3 Axela, the car is all key lost and the key programmer is Autel MK808TS.

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  4. how-to-program-key-for-2017-Ford-mustang

    How to program key for 2017 Ford Mustang via OBD?

    Our mechanic succeeded in programming smart key for 2017 Ford Mustang via OBD port without disassembling, and the details we will share in this post.

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  5. program-2019-honda-accord-key

    2019 Honda Accord add key programming with Autel MK808TS

    Here we will share how to program 2019 Honda Accord key with Autel MK808TS in this post.

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  6. program-key-for-nissan-x-trail

    2014 Nissan X-trail all smart key lost programming guide

    In this post we will share a guide to program 2014 Nissan X-trail which all smart key is lost and BCM is #4BY1A.

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  7. How-to-calculate-20-digit-pin-code-for-nissan

    How to calculate 20-digit pin code for Nissan?

    Every time we read, the 20-digit BCM code will change once. It also means that the immobilizer password of the new model Nissan car is not a fixed value.

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  8. replace-and-program-Bosch-MED17

    VW Audi ECM Bosch MED17 replacement and reprogramming

    If replace a new Bosch MED17, only need to do online coding with special diagnose software. If replace a used one, need to modify VIN. In this post we will show one method on modify VIN for Bosch MED17.

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  9. fix-audi-key-stuck-in-ignition

    Fix Audi key won’t turn in ignition and won’t pull

    The Audi owner feedbacks the key won’t turn in the ignition and won’t pull out frequently.

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  10. fix-vw-passat-fault-code-00470

    Fix VW Passat keyless entry won’t work and car won’t start

    There are some faults caused by car adaptation or refitting, and we will share a case caused by putting protective film on windshield.

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