Monthly Archives: March 2020

  1. haval-ecm-programming

    Replace and program 2016 Haval ECM module using Autel MK808TS

    Replace and program 2016 Haval H2 ECM module using Autel MK808TS.

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  2. autel-program-haval-h9-all-key-lost

    Autel MK808TS program 2014 Haval H9 all key lost

    A 2014 Haval H9 is all key lost, this post share the program steps using Autel MK808TS.

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  3. haval-all-key-lost-programming

    2016 Haval H6 all key lost programming guide

    The car won't start and scan the car, got the code: B160400 IMMO authentication failed. Performmed key programming, the problem is resolved and the car starts.

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  4. autel-program-benz-SAM-module

    Benz C200 front SAM module programming with Autel MS908P

    A 2010 Mercedes-Benz C200, the wiper failed, and the automatic headlamp function didn’t work. After checking the relevant lines, no fault was found. It was confirmed that the front SAM module was damaged. Replace SAM module and program with MS90....

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  5. Toyota-c1336-Zero-Point-Calibration-Of-Deceleration-Sensor-Undone

    How to fix Toyota fault C1336 - Zero Point Calibration of Deceleration Sensor Undone

    Perform the zero calibration of the deceleration sensor using Autel MS908P, the fault code was successfully cleared, the slide light was off, troubleshot.

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  6. autel-program-BMW-CAS4+-all-key-lost

    Autel MK808TS program BMW CAS4/CAS4+ all key lost via OBD way

    Programming steps of BMW CAS4/CAS4+ add key/all key lost via OBD port using Autel MK808TS.

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  7. fix-vw-fault-component-protection-active

    How to fix VW fault "component protection active" on airbag with Autel MS908P

    A 2015 Golf 7 suffered a crash accident and the airbag deployed, causing the airbag computer to be damaged. Replace the airbag computer. Use the Autel MP908P diagnostic device to scan the car and get the fault: component protection active.

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  8. read-bmw-b48-isn-code

    Autel MK808TS read BMW engine control module B48 ISN code via OBD way

    This post will perform to read BMW engine control module B48 ISN code via OBD way using Autel MK808TS.

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  9. ford-rcm-programming

    How to do Ford Mondeo RCM replacement and programming with Autel MS908P?

    If the car has a crash or airbag deployment, the general solution is replace the RCM, and it requires programming. In this post we will show how to replace and program 2016 Ford Mondeo using Autel MS908P.

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  10. reset-honda-srs-airbag-module

    ECU Serial ID Code Inconsistent OPDS Unit

    2017 Honda Odyssey SRS light on and report fault "ECU Serial ID Code Inconsistent OPDS Unit'. Fix it by Resetting the SRS module.

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