Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. fix-audi-fault-P017200-System-Too-Rich

    Fix Audi Fault P017200 - System Too Rich (Bank 1)

    The possible causes of Audi code P0172 and fix process of a car.

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  2. program-BMW-EPS

    How to program BMW F20 Chassis new EPS to erase codes 4823CB and 4823CC?

    Program BMW new EPS step by step using Autel MS908P.

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  3. increase-Benz-number-of-blinks-for-turn-signa

    How to increase Benz number of blinks for turn signal?

    A Benz E300L the number of blinks is default 3 when turn signal, the customer wants to add to 5, and we use MS908P to set it successfully.

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  4. B272200-the-control-unit-is-not-locked

    How to erase Benz fault code: B272200 – the control unit is not locked

    A 2017 Mercedes-Benz C200 had a slight collision accident, and the airbag / SRS light flash on the dash. Scan the car and get a code “B272200 – the control unit is not locked” in Supplemental Restraint System (....

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  5. level-calibration-for-Benz-airmatic-suspension

    How to perform level calibration for Benz airmatic suspension

    Perform level calibration for Benz airmatic suspension step by step.

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  6. 2018-cadillac-ats-all-key-lost-programming

    2018 Cadillac ATS all key lost programming

    A 2018 Cadillac ATS all smart key lost, the smart key can be generated by VVDI key tool and the pin code can read via OBDSTAR X300 DP.

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  7. Honda-HR-V-ECM-programming

    How to program Honda HR-V new ECM module?

    In this post we will show a guide to program Honda HR-V ECM using Autel MS908.

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  8. the-difference-between-vediamo-and-dts-monaco

    A chart explains the difference between Vediamo and DTS Monaco

    The difference between Vediamo and DTS Monaco in a chart.

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  9. CBF-SMR-D-CFF-SMR-F-files

    What is CBF/SMR-D/CFF/SMR-F files and location path in Vediamo Software?

    CBF/SMR-D/CFF/SMR-F files and their location path.

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  10. How-to-program-key-for-haval-h5

    How to program key for 2018 Haval H5? What key programmer should I use?

    A guide to program key for 2018 Haval H5 using Autel MK808TS.

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