BMW Repair & Key Programming

  1. program-BMW-EPS

    How to program BMW F20 Chassis new EPS to erase codes 4823CB and 4823CC?

    Program BMW new EPS step by step using Autel MS908P.

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  2. autel-program-BMW-CAS4+-all-key-lost

    Autel MK808TS program BMW CAS4/CAS4+ all key lost via OBD way

    Programming steps of BMW CAS4/CAS4+ add key/all key lost via OBD port using Autel MK808TS.

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  3. read-bmw-b48-isn-code

    Autel MK808TS read BMW engine control module B48 ISN code via OBD way

    This post will perform to read BMW engine control module B48 ISN code via OBD way using Autel MK808TS.

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  4. read-write-BMW-ISN

    How to read BMW chassis E series ISN code using Autel MK808TS?

    Reading ISN code is for key programming and writing ISN code is for engine control module replacement. In this post we will show a guide to read and write ISN for BMW chassis E series using Autel MK808TS.

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  5. program-bmw-cas3++-ISTAP-key

    How to program BMW CAS3++ (ISTAP) key with Autel MK808TS?

    The vehicle programmed is 2010 BMW X6, chassis E71, immobilizer type is CAS3++ (ISTAP).

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  6. autel-mk808ts-program-bmw-cas2-key

    Autel MK808TS Program BMW CAS1/CAS2 key via OBD

    How to program BMW CAS1/CAS2 using AuteL MK808TS when add keys or all key lost?

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  7. how-to-replace-bmw-fem-bdc-with-used-one

    Three methods to replace BMW F Chassis FEM/BDC module with used one

    There are three methods to replace a used FEM / BDC.

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  8. fix-bmw-won't-start-as-increased-battery-discharge

    Fix BMW won’t start because fault "increased battery discharge".

    There are many reasons can cause car won’t start, and fault “increased battery discharge” is one reason, a high level of battery discharge can result in exhaustion of battery, further make the car won’t start.

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  9. fix-bmw-won't-start-in-freezing-cold

    Fix BMW won’t start when it gets really cold

    It’s common that car won’t start in the freezing cold because fuel line freeze, but have you heard gasoline freeze? We have a real case about gas tank freeze causes the car won’t start, check our mechanic’s notes.

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  10. How to fix Tire pressure loss?

    How to fix Tire pressure loss?

    In this post we will discuss tire pressure loss again, check our real case with below details.

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