Honda Repair & Key Programming

  1. reset-honda-srs-airbag-module

    ECU Serial ID Code Inconsistent OPDS Unit

    2017 Honda Odyssey SRS light on and report fault "ECU Serial ID Code Inconsistent OPDS Unit'. Fix it by Resetting the SRS module.

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  2. program-2019-honda-accord-key

    2019 Honda Accord add key programming with Autel MK808TS

    Here we will share how to program 2019 Honda Accord key with Autel MK808TS in this post.

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  3. fix-honda-can't-lock-the-door-immediately

    Fix Honda fault: the door won’t locked immediately with key fob after the car is turned off

    The client reports that after the car is turned off, it has to wait for a period of time to remotely lock the car,check how we fix it.

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  4. fix-bmw-jazz-won't-start-caused-sensor-fault

    Fix Honda Jazz won’t start as sensor voltage too low

    When the car won’t start, we need to use diagnose tool or scanner to read the code to find what the fault is, then analyze the possible causes and use differential diagnosis method to find the exact cause.

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