1. universal-decoding-free-download

    How to disable immo by IMMO universal decoding 3.2? Software free download

    A tutorial about install and use IMMO universal decoding 3.2.

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  2. bosch-immo-off

    How to Immo off Bosch EDC17 and MED17 with/without software?

    Here we discuss how to disable immobilizer of Bosch EDC17 and MED17 with/without software.

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  3. clone-ktag-vs-original-ktag

    Comparison of original Ktag and Clone Ktag

    A test about the difference between original Ktag and clone Ktag.

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  4. disable-anti-theft-software

    How to immo off with IMMO Service Tool? Free download

    IMMO Service Tool features EEPROM IMMO OFF for newer ecu and cover most of brand vechices in the world.

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  5. immo-off-bmw-mini-bosch-MEVD17

    How to immo off Bosch MEVD17 without software? Tested on BMW mini

    BMW mini use ECU Bosch MEVD17 in Engine control module. If disable immo for the car, we don’t need to read CAS ECU, only read Engine ECU. Below are steps to immo off Bosch MEVD17.

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