Chrysler repair & key programming

  1. how-to-reset-throttle-body-after-cleaning

    How to reset Chrysler throttle body after cleaning using Autel MS906

    In this post we will show a guide to reset 2008 Chrysler Sebring throttle body using Autel MS906.

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  2. Fix-jeep-fault-code-C150D

    Fix Jeep TPMS light on fault code: C150D – tire pressure sensor location undetermined.

    We have shared some posts about TPMS light on, the causes of fault are different in each case, and in this post we will a more case about this fault.

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  3. Jeep-compass-oil-reset

    How to reset the oil life on a 2017 Jeep Compass with Autel MS908

    The engine oil life system must be reset after car maintenance or change the engine oil to make the oil change due light won’t turn on.

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