2008 Range Rover All Key lost programming guide

2008 Range Rover key programming overview:

Original key: 3 button flip key

Key frequency: 433MHz

Key Chip: ID46

Door pick tool: HU101

CEM position: behind glove box

Key programmer: VVDI Prog, VVDI2

Status: All key lost

Result: programmed successfully 


Programming steps:

Step 1: Read CEM data.

1. Disassemble CEM which located behind the glove box from car, open the case.


2. Start VVDI Prog software, choose: Type > 4-immobilizer, brand > Land Rover, Chip > range rover CEM.

3. Click “connection diagram”, as per diagram to connect electronic board, read data and save the file.


Step 2: Make dealer key

1. Run VVDI2 software, choose “ immobilizer data tool” in left panel, car option: range over, Type option: range rover sport (CEM).


2. Click “ load EEPROM dump”, load file saved in step 1, then will appear key information and help info, choose an empty key position, click “make dealer key”.

3. After key made ok, save the new file.

Step 3: Write new file back to CEM

1. Start VVDI prog software, choose: 4-immobilizer > land rover > range rover CEM, open the new file saved in step 2.

2. Click “ write”, then programming done.

3. Assemble CEM back to car, start the car with programmed key, successful.


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