2011 Ford Focus ECM replacement and reprogramming

The location of the engine control module (ECM) often varies from car model to car model. 2011 Ford Focus ECM is located in engine compartment (in the front of car) and it’s easy damaged after accident or soaking, sometimes no working after repair, have to replace a new one or used one. You will find you can’t start the car after ECM replacement, the solution is to program the ECM, have two methods as below.

Method 1: program with device

There are some devices can program ECM like VCM, Autel 808, X300, X100…but some car models are not workable, can turn to method 2.



Method 2: chip transplantation

Chip transplantation is solder off chips on original ECM to replaced ECM as the chips store the immo data of the car. The chips are 8-pin 95040 EEPROM chip on the back side and 80-pin S29CD015 IC chip on front side as below photo, solder them to replaced ECM, then install ECM on car. Finally you can start the car without dashboard error.



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