2011 VW Beetle all key lost programming

This post will discuss 2011 VW Beetle all key lost programming. Following details:

1. Obtain key code

Since the car all key lost, need to obtain key code from ECM. Some key programmer can read code via OBDII port without disassembling ECM. We can try first if the key programmer read code via OBD way, if yes can save a lot work on disassembling. If not, we have to disassemble ECM from car, open the ECM and find 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C76 and read with key programmer like Yanhua key master or VVDI Prog. Key code 10 F4 is located in first and second bytes in row 060, after decimal converting, the key code is 4340.



2. Program keys

Go into car, connect key programmer like Lonsdor, VVDI2, FVDI, Xtool X100…with OBDII, follow their steps to program keys. Key chip is normal ID48.

3. Active key fob

Method 1: Use key programmer to active, choose 46 Central Conv, as per steps to finish.

Method 2: Manual active. Two keys is required, do following:

  1. Insert secondary key into ignition and turn to ON position.
  2. Close all doors, use another key insert driver’s side door and turn to lock the door.
  3. Push unlock button for 3 seconds, open the door with key.
  4. Pull out the key from ignition, then the key is actived.


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