2012 BMW 535i add key and all key lost programming

Here share two methods on 2012 BMW 535i add key and all key lost programming via dissembling immo box and Engine control module.

Method 1: add key, one working key is required.

Step 1: read CAS data.

Disassemble CAS4+ immo box which placed behind Accelerator Pedal. Open the box and find CPU 5M48H, read CPU with VVDI Prog or Yanhua Key master. Open software, read data as per steps and “connection diagram”. Save data in Bin file.


Step 2: Write key With VVDI2 or TM100

The following is demonstrated with VVDI2. Run VVDI2 software, Select BMW > Key learn > file make key, choose CAS4+ 5M48H, load CAS EEPROM data in step 1, choose an empty key position and make dealer key. Will come with 3 options, choose first option, put one working key to programmer, then remove it and put one new key to continue and wait for 30 seconds for the end.

Step 3: Synchronize key

After programming, put the key to induction area which on the right of steering wheel, push start button around 10 seconds till start the car.

Method 2: All key lost programming

The steps is same as post: 

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What’s the difference of adding key and all key lost

The principle is the same. Both need ISN and CAS data to make keys. ISN is kind of like verification code. The car keys and engine control module all store the ISN code.

Add key

With the original car key, get the ISN code to generate a new key

All lost the key

With reading engine control module data, get the ISN code to generate a new key


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