2012 VW Jetta all key lost programming guide

Key code is required when programming 2012 VW Jetta all key lost. Disassemble ECM from car and find 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C86, use key programmer like lonsdor, VVDI Prog and Yanhua key master…to read chip. Here use Yanhua key master to read, key code 0915 is located in first and second bytes in row 60, after decimal converting, the key code is 2325.




Now start to program keys, 2012 VW Jetta use special ID48 chip, can use 5054, Xtool X100, VVDI2, Lonsdor… to program. All VW key fob need to program when adding keys or all key lost

The last step is active key fob, do the following:

  1. Insert key into ignition, turn to on and off position 3 times in 5 seconds to finish reset, pull out the key.
  2. Keeps on pushing “lock” or “unlock” key button.
  3. Push another button 3 times in 10 seconds.
  4. Release the button, the light of key button flash 5 times. First key is active.

Start to active second key within 20 seconds after first key, just repeat point 2-5.


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