2014 BMW motorrad R650 key programming with VVDI prog and Tango

We discussed in the post about BMW motorbikes key programming which key info stored in Engine ECU or ignition immo box, today we share a case about bmw motorcycle key info stored in dashboard unit.

The motorrad model is 2014 BMW R650, all key lost. Below are programming steps:

Step 1: read immo data with VVDI Prog.

After disassemble ignition unit and dashboard unit, the immo chip 25LC160 is placed in dashboard unit. Read chip with VVDI Prog, as per connection diagram to read data and save.



Step 2: Buy Tango BMW 25160 software module.

After fail opening file in step 1 with VVDI2 and TM100, turn to Tango key programmer which support BMW 25160 key, need to pay about 120 US dollars for this software module.


Step 3: Write key with Tango

After paying the module, Load the 25160 data in step 1 to Tango, it comes with key info, key 0 and key 1 is programmed, select an empty key position and insert a new 4D80 chip to programmer. Click write key.


Step 4: Check chip is encrypted.

Use key copier like VVDI key tool, handy baby, KD-X2 etc. to test the chip, if chip encrypted, proved write key is successful.

Step 4: Write data back to EEPROM chip 25160 with VVDI Prog.

Unlike BMW motorcycle key programming we discussed before, this case requires to write the data which include new key back to EEPROM chip, use VVDI Prog to write.


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