2014 BMW X3 all key lost programming

2014 BMW X3 is equiped with CAS4+ immobilizer system, if all key lost, we need to disassemble CAS4+ module and Engine Control Module (ECM). Below are details:

Step 1: disassemble Cas4+ immo box which placed behind Accelerator Pedal. Open the box and find CPU 5M48H, read CPU with VVDI Prog. Open VVDI Prog software, select “BMW-CAS4-5M48H-BACKUP”, with “connection diagram”, use MC9S12 cable connect and solder to read the data and save.


Step 2: disassemble Engine control module N20 which placed on Engine intake manifold. Open the case and read data with VVDI Prog. According to “connection diagram” to read the data and save. (it’s hard to open N20 case, so some guys do not open, and they only open a hole on BOOT point as below photo):


Step 3: Write key with VVDI 2. Run VVDI2 software, Select BMW > Key learn > file make key, choose CAS4+ 5M48H, load CAS EEPROM data in step 1, choose an empty key position and make dealer key. Will come with 3 options, select second option to load N20 module data in step 2, then put new key to programmer. Wait for 30 seconds (the window maybe false dead), the key can be programmed.


Step 4: Assemble immo box and N20 module back to car.



Step 5: Activate the key. Put the key to induction area which on the right of steering wheel, push start button till start the car.



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