2014 Toyota Camry new model all smart key lost programming guide, reset immo data

No need to replace steering lock and smart box, no special tool like AVDT, TM100 and Tango, we can modify the EEPROM file to reset the steering lock and smart box to virgin to program 2014 Toyota Camry, below are method:

Step 1: Reset immo data. Remove the immo box which integrated into steering lock, need to disassemble the steering lock first, then open the lock and find the 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C46, read the chip with key programmer like Yanhua key master, vvdi prog and CG100 etc. Save the data and backup. Modify the data like this: retain the first and second bytes of row 020, usually shown 5555,. Other bytes all replace with FFFF, save the file and write the file back to EEPROM chip. Assemble the steering lock to car.



Step 2: Reset smart box. Remove smart box general begin NO. 89990 which placed in the right side behind the passenger’s locker, open and find the EEPROM chip from electronic board, read the data, save and back up. Modify the data like this: replace 0001 FFFF in red rectangle of row 220 with 0000 0000, bytes on row 23-26 all replace with FFFF. Then Save the file and write back to EEPROM chip. Assemble the smart box back to car.


Step 3: add keys with key programmer like OBDSTAR X300, lonsdor K518, xtool etc. After adding keys, try to start the car, if cannot start, need to do synchronize process, with the engine off and the key in “off” position, use Short cable or paper clip to connect the 4th pin and 13th pin of the OBD and turn ON the ignition, many light in Dash panel will start flashing, it means the process is going smoothly. Wait for 45 minutes, turn off the ignition and remove the cable. Well Done.



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