2014 Volvo S60L all key lost programming with Lonsdor K518

This post will share how to program 2014 Volvo S60L all key lost with Lonsdor K518.

For 2014 Volvo S60L, car key has two types. One is smart key with 6 buttons, start the car with key in pocket, another is semi-smart key with 5 buttons, start the car with key insert the key slot. If all smart key lost, need to disassemble CEM module and KVM module to program the key, if all semi-smart key lost, only disassemble CEM module, but there are some programmer like Autel DS808, Lonsdor K518 can program semi-smart key via OBD without disassembling. Some locksmith feedback it takes long time to read data via OBD, so they still disassemble CEM.

The Volvo S60L we programmed is semi-smart, so we just disassembled CEM. Below are steps:

Step 1: Read CEM data

1. Disassemble CEM module which located behind glove box.


2. Open CEM case.

3. Connect K518 with adapter and Probe board RN-01, as per connection diagram to connect probe, then read security data and save.



4. Assemble CEM back to car.

Step 2: Program key

1. Connect K518 with OBD, go to: Volvo > S60L > Semi-smart system> all key lost

2. Will erase all programmed key, all key need to be programmed.

3. If there is key in key slot, please remove the key.

4. Choose and load security data read in step 1.

5. Will display the part number, software version and VIN.

6. Verify the programmed keys number: 2.

7. Insert new key to key slot.

8. Key sucked. First key programming complete.

9. If need to program second key, just go to: Volvo > S60L > Semi-smart system > add key. Follow the instruction till finish programming.




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