After a 2015 Kia K5/Optima crashed, the car was unresponsive and unable to start. The mechanic replace the Engine control module of the same vehicle, the fault disappeared and the vehicle was driving normally, so we can confirm the original ECM is damaged and needs to be replaced. After purchasing a new ECM and using Autel MS908 for programing, the fault fixed and the car started. Below are the steps to program new ECM module.


1. Connect MS908 with car, select: Kia > smart key module > special function > enter smart key Pin code.

2. Turn off the ignition, click “enter”.

3. Enter the pin code. ( How to obtain PIN code, please go to: THREE WAYS TO OBTAIN A KEY CODE FOR CAR

4. As per prompt, start to register first key. Click “enter”, hold the key fob to press the start button within 5 seconds (do not use hand to press the start button, use key fob).

5. First key register successfully, no need to register next one, click “cancel”.

6. Prompt that the number of registered keys is "1", click "OK", return to the control unit, select: Engine control > special functions.

7. Choose “write VIN”, as per prompt, turn on the ignition switch, enter the VIN, and then click “enter”.

8. Turn off the ignition. Wait for 10 seconds and start the car again, test different gears, everything is ok.


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