2015 Peugeot 3008 key programming with OBDSTAR X300 Pro

OBDSTAR X300 Pro can read pin code via OBD and program key for some Peugeot cars, we succeed in programming 2015 Peugeot 3008 with this device. Below are steps:

Step 1: Read Pin code

1. Connect X300 Pro with OBD which located on left side under steering wheel, after disassembling the board, we can see the OBD port.

2. Go to: Peugeot > read Pin code, switch ignition on and off about 7 or 8 times till read the pin code. Record the code.


Step 2: Program key

1. Go to: Peugeot > immobilizer > 3008 > program key.

2. Enter Pin code

3. Enter the key numbers need to be programmed.

4. Insert key and switch ignition on within 15 seconds.

5. Program key success and switch ignition off and pull out the key.

6. Program next key till finish, and then press “cancel”.

Step 3: Reprogram key fob

1. Go to: Peugeot > reprogram key.

2. Switch ignition off and on, push any button of key fob for 10 seconds.

3. Switch ignition off and remove key. Finish.


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