A 2016 Haval H6, not one button start, was parked in the underground garage for about a month . When it was restarted, the security light of the dash was on. After scanning the car, got the code: B160400 IMMO authentication failed. Performmed key programming, the problem is resolved and the car starts. Below are the program steps:


1. Connect Autel MS908 with car via OBD port, enter “Great Wall motor”, and choose: Haval > Haval H6 > 2013-2016.

2. Choose “diagnostics”, start to scan the whole vehicle control unit, there are two fault codes in the “Kstar Knob Type PEPS System” immo system. (PEPS stand for passive entry & passive start)

3. Enter “Kstar PEPS system”, choose “After-sale function”.

4. Select: Replace PEPS > Erase K-SK and relearn the keys (2).

5. According to the menu order, perform the following 5 functions in order: 1. Enter the recovery EOL learning mode; 2. Request to enter the key programming mode; 3. Erase Key-SK; 4. Write Key-SK to the Base system; 5. Request Base to start program the keys. No matter the device prompts failure or success, it will be executed in order.

6. When performing “Write Key-SK to Base System”, enter the 12-digit K-SK code in accordance with the device prompt. (note: there are generally 3 sets of Haval H6 immo passwords, which require payment inquiry, include PIN, E-SK, K-SK.)

7. After the device prompts that the key SK code is updated successfully, enter “Request Base to start key matching”.

8. As per the prompt, bring the key need to be learned close to the keyhole. After the device prompts that the key is successfully learned, move the second key close to the keyhole. Learning is successful. The number of keys already learned: 2. (Note 1: This car can only learn a maximum of 2 keys, and it is best to learn 2 keys at the same time, otherwise the key learning may fail; Note 2: When performing key programming, the start knob must be removed; Note 3: Before you put the key close to the keyhole, you need to pull out the mechanical key blade, otherwise the key learning will fail.)


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