A 2018 Cadillac ATS all smart key lost, the smart key can be generated by VVDI key tool and the pin code can read via OBDSTAR X300 DP. Below are the steps to program the keys.

Step 1: Use the Lishi HU100 tool to open the car door, read the tooth number and make the door key with key cutting machine.

Step 2: Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP with car via OBD port, read the pin code. If first time is not successful, try second time. We read twice to get the pin code.

Step 3: Use VVDI key tool to generate the smart key, and then put the key to bottle trough (key induction area), follow the X300 system prompts to proceed the operation.

Step 4: Key programming failed first time, remove the key shell, only electronic board put in the bottle trough, then try again and it is successful.


Step 5: Follow the X300 prompts, push the key lock button and unlock button one time, the key is programmed. Continue to end the process.

Step 6: Test the key to start the car, the car starts ok. Key remote function include lock and unlock are normal. Done.



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