Here we will share how to program 2019 Honda Accord key with Autel MK808TS in this post. Below are the guide.


1.Connect MK808TS with car’s OBD port, go to: Diagnostics > Honda > manual selection > Accord.


2. Choose “button style smart key”, and select “button style smart key (Honda)”.

3. Press start button twice to turn on the ignition.

4. Select: register > add smart key, no fault code and one working smart key is required. Turn off the ignition, put one working key in the car, other keys take out from the car, then click “enter”.

5. Turn on the ignition, take the working keys out of the car within the required time, and then click “enter”.

6. Put a new smart key in the car within the required time, then click “enter”.

7. Start to register the key, click “enter”.

8. Turn the ignition off. Waiting….

9. Turn the ignition on, make sure the smart key indicator light and car security light are off, then click “yes”.

10. Turn the ignition off, waiting…

11. Turn the ignition on. The new key is successfully registered and turn off the ignition.

12. It is ok to start the vehicle with the keys, and the remote key buttons are working. Finish.


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