A common abnormal noise of BMW – cause and how to fix

The case we will share in this post is a common abnormal noise of BMW, especially in BMW 7 series include 730, 735, 740, 745, 750 and 760. Check following to see how we deal with it.

Vehicle information

Model: BMW 730Li

Year: 2016

Engine: B48


Fault symptom

When the vehicle is traveling on uneven roads, a metal squeak noise is emitted from the right and rear of the carriage. Speed above 20Km / h, continuous bumpy road is more obvious.


Fix process

1. After the test driving, confirm that the abnormal noise comes from under the right rear windshield.

2. After disassembling the rear sun visor and sun visor assembly, test driving again and felt that the abnormal noise came from the right rear seatbelt winding mechanism.

3. After removing the right-rear seatbelt rewinding mechanism, the abnormal noise during the test run is still on the right-rear side, and the sound has not changed. A mechanic was lying in the trunk for a test drive, and the abnormal noise was noticeable near the top right side of the trunk.

4. Listening to the abnormal noise in the car is still to the right location, and now the rear seats and trim are basically removed.


5. After many trial runs, it was found that the abnormal noise was obvious there. Could it be the abnormal noise from the right rear suspension?

6. Remove the right rear wheel and wheel cover trim, and check that the suspension screws are not loose and there are no obvious abnormalities. Hit each part with hand, when you hit the rear shock absorber, the abnormal noise appears.


7. After rear shock absorber was replaced, the abnormal noise disappeared.


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