Audi A8 key programming guide (ME 7.1 or MED9.1 ECU type)

Here we share Audi A8 key programming with FVDI.

1. Obtain key code

Connect FVDI with car’s OBDII port, start FVDI software, go to: special functions > Engine control unit. For Audi A8 ECU has two types: Bosch ME7.1 and Bosch MED9.1. ME7.1 can be read via OBD way when add key or all key lost, no need to disassemble ECM, but MED9.1 have to read via disassembling ECM. Here we take ME7.1 for example. If we don’t know the ECU type, we can select “ECU Autodetect”, then click “ read data”, one minutes later, will display the ECU type and show the EEPROM data, login code, Component security 7 bytes and 6 bytes show, 1 byte is hidden which need to get from working key. Take photo and exit engine control unit.


2. Key Programming

Go to: special functions > key learning. If detected car type and vehicle model show “Audi A8”, that is communication succeed. Then check other values like: engine start permitted, dealer key/transponder, ECU responding, key/transponder locked, transponder type ok, key/transponder learned, key count. If all shows “yes”, then we can start to click “ program dealer key”, will come with 3 options, choose third option, enter the login code and 6 bytes component security, then click “find 7th byte from working key”, input one working key to programmer, click “yes” and 7th byte will show in the bottom. Click “program”, input new key to programmer, click “yes”, will pop up a message, since we are add keys, no need to do this action, so we click “yes”, but if we do all key lost, have to do this action as per message. After click “yes”, a moment later will show the 7th byte, it indicates we program key success. Record 7th byte and click “exit”.


3. Key learning

Go to: special functions > key learning, enter new key count, the login code and 6 bytes component security in step 1, and 7th byte of new key in step 2. Click “learn”, switch off ignition and remove key, then insert again the key and switch on the ignition, click “ok”. Turn off the ignition and insert new key, pull out the key after heard the steering lock unlocked, then insert another key need to be learned, pull out after heard the steering lock unlocked. Click “accept”. Finish.



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