What cars are equipped with CAS1 or CAS2?

CAS2 system: 3, 5 series, Z4, X5, X3 around 2004-2006. Straight blade key fob with black logo.

CAS1 system: old model 7 series


How to program BMW CAS1/CAS2 using AuteL MK808TS when add keys? Check below steps.

Step 1: Connect MK808TS with car via OBD port, establish communication, and choose “BMW”.

how to add bmw cas2 key

Step 2: Continue to select “smart mode”, ensure the engine is off, turn on the ignition, the device will automatically recognize the anti-theft system as: CAS2. (Note: The programming method of CAS2 and CAS1 immobilizer is the same. If it is CAS1 immo, then the current immo type is identified as CAS1. )

Step 3: The device also read the vehicle information like CAS serial number, CAS type, vehicle frequency….

Step 4: Start to make dealer key, as per prompts, CAS2 can be programmed on add key or all key lost, web connection is required.

Step 5: Turn the ignition on, select “enter” to continue.

Step 6: Remove the key from the ignition switch. If it is a smart key, take it out of the car, the device system read the key info.

Step 7: The key info shows some key position are programmed, and some are empty without key ID. Choose an empty key position, then click “write key”.

Step 8: Choose right key type. There are 3 types: PCF7936, semi-smart key, smart key. This car is semi-smart key, then choose “semi-smart key”.

Step 9: Insert the key need to be programmed into key slot, then click “enter”.

Step 10: Remove the key from key slot, and then insert again, push the start button and click “enter”.

Step 11: Write key success. (Note: If the vehicle cannot be started, or the message about steering lock is displayed on the dash, please enter the system mode and the CAS2 immo system to synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.)


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