Autel MX808IM can program BMW CAS4/CAS4+, below are some notes and the programming steps.



1. CAS4 add key, all key lost do not require ISN code.

2. For CAS4+ add key, we can obtain the ISN code from original working key, if all key lost, we can read from car via OBD way, if we can’t read , we can try to read engine control module using BOOT way.

3. This function requires CAS module chip type is 9S12XEP100 (5M48H / 1N35H)

4. The software version is: SWFL_0000074X-007-012-000.

5. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes; and after the car key is successfully programmed, the next time you don’t need to program and upgrade, you can directly add the key.

6. This function can be performed on the vehicle or on the test platform, need to work with XP401.


Programming steps of BMW CAS4/CAS4+ add key/all key lost

1. Connect Autel MK808TS with car via OBD port, enter car model “BMW”, and choose: system mode > immobilizer.

2. Select: CAS4/CAS4+ Immo > special functions > ECU types, the current ECU type is CAS4+.

3. Choose “vehicle information”, check the current software version of the CAS4 module. If it is: SWFL_0000074X-007-012-000, you can directly program via the OBD without disassembly. If it is not the version, you need to use BMW special diagnostic tool or Autel MS908 to program the CAS module to upgrade to this version and then execute the OBD way.

4. Select: key operation > key learning > OBD learning. (This method does not lock the after market key after programming to vehicle.

5. Select “OBD Read Key”, this function requires networking to perform the function normally.

6. The device will automatically detect whether the current version supports programming.

7. OBD read key requires special programming, please make sure the power supply voltage is stable above 13V! Do not disconnect the network during the programming process, and it is forbidden to operate other.

8. The device back up the coding file. After the backup is successful, the file will be downloaded. After the file is successfully downloaded, the programming process will begin.

9. Programming……, do not touch any buttons on the car. It takes about 10-15 minutes, please be patient!

10. Successful programmed, the coding file will be restored, then enter key programming process.

11. If have working key, click “yes”, this case is all key lost, so click “no”, then enter 32 bytes engine ISN code.

12. Choose an empty key position, and click “write key”.

13. Attach the new key to the coil.

14. Write key success. Attach the keys to the induction coil and press and hold the start button for 10 seconds for key learning.

15. Key learning complete, start the car with the key one by one, key remote function automatically generated. Finish.


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