This post will perform to read BMW engine control module B48 ISN code via OBD way using Autel MK808TS.

Step 1: Connect Autel MK808TS with car via OBD port, enter car model “BMW”, and choose “smart mode” in mode selection.

Step 2: Choose “DME engine system”, the device system will identify the current engine model: DME8FF_R.

Step 3: Select “read ISN”, This function requires networking, please ensure that the network is normal. There is a certain risk in reading the engine ISN code, and programming is required, need to ensure that the power supply voltage is stable and exceeds 13V.

Step 4: The device will detect whether the current engine version supported to read ISN. If the current version support, it will jump to the payment interface.

Step 5: After making the payment, click OK. The device back up the coding file then download the configuration file. (Make sure the network is working when downloading files.)

Step 6: Downloading the configuration file complete, Click “ok” to enter the programming operation, which is divided into five parts. It takes about 50 minutes. Some models may take longer. Please wait patiently. It is strictly forbidden to operate other during programming. Just in case programming fails!

Step 7: Read EEPROM data file successfully, select “yes” to save the EEPROM file.

Step 8: After saving the file successfully, click “enter” and the device will restore the coding file.

Step 9: Read engine ISN success and restore coding file success. (Note: Take a photo of the 32-bit engine ISN code and then perform BMW key programming.)


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