BMW Data loss when programming keys or odometer correction

There are a variety of key programmers and odometer correction tool in the market, some programmers or odometer tool maybe lose or read empty CAS data when read data, which may cause the failure to start the car or the failure to block the car after starting the car.


What may cause data loss?

Cause 1: the device. Some device is not very good quality, choose reliable products if possible.

Cause 2: improper operation. Ensure operate as per wiring instrument and be careful with each step. A stable power supply is required.


What can we do if data loss?

Method 1: replace new immo box or ECM or BCM. Use a good quality device to read data.

Method 2: Date Recovery. If other car use same mode immo box, ECM or BCM, we can apply their data to current car.


How to prevent date loss?

  1. Do not cut off power or stop reading process. Reading the CPU data usually takes about five minutes and window maybe false dead, no worries, just waits for the end.
  2. Keep the phone away from the programmer when reading and writing data to avoid data disorder caused by high-frequency interference.



When reading the data, the data should be read twice, compare and ensure twice is same before writing the data.


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