BMW key programming-BMW FEM/ BDC All Key Lost

What tools is must to program new model BMW F series FEM & BDC safely and efficiently when all key is lost?

That is BMW test platform and a tool can read ISN code(ISN from EGS or DME, BMW 3 Series 5 Series 7 Series X5 X6 GT535 Six-cylinder engine, need ISN code to program the keys.)


test platform


With test platform, there is no need to disassemble and install the control unit in the car back and forth, just take down the FEM module, then you can operate on the bench.





Tools read ISN code


Autel 808, CGDI and Yanhua ACDP can read ISN, but not all, B48 is okay,but some encrypted N20,B38,MSV90 can’t be read without opening, have to open and use other devices.


Autel 808 and CGDI and Yanhua ACDP is economic to read some ISN on EGS and DME like B48, those expensive licensed devices: CMDflsh、X17、Dimsport、KessV2、Ktag also read N20,N55,B48,MSV90 without opening.


Apart from the above devices, is there any cheaper device can read new model BMW ISN? The answer is yes, after market Ktag, AT200, KTM-Bench offer a powerful function to read ISN with/without opening.

The Comparison of KTAG, AT200,KTM-Bench:







Support both Car, Motorcycle and Truck ECU remapping;
Fix/repair ECU

Cover all major brands ECU type: Toyota, Ford, VW, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Nissan and so on.


  1. For BMW ECU Data reading, writing and clone.
  2. ISN OBD Reader--for BMW IMMO functions, Read for BMW ISN Code by OBD
  3. N13 N20 N55 Platform mode ISN reading
  4. Optimized B48 read ISN function
  5. EGS_6HP Increased programming status judgment

    6. AT-200 supported ECU List:MSV90,MSVD85, MSVD85.1,MSVD85.2, MSVD87, MSVD87.2, N13, N55, N20, B38,B48

1. Cover for BMW N20, N55, N63, etc. to change or read/write ISN codes (done with other tools)

2. Cover for Bentley MED17.1.1 to read/write immo data

3. Cover the latest for Jaguar MED17.8.32

4. Cover for VW MED17.5.5, MED17.5.22, MED17.5.25



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