Daihatsu Terios (Perodua Kembara or Taruna)4C chip all key lost programming

Daihatsu Terios in China also called Daihatsu Taruna in Indonesia and Perodua Kembara in Malaysia. For old model Daihatsu Terios 4C chip, here discuss two methods to program all key lost.


Method 1: Write key with TM100

Step 1: Disassemble immo box No. 89780 placed under the dash, open the box and find the 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C66 from electronic board, read the chip with key programmer like VVDI Prog or Yanhua key master and save the data. Assemble the immo box back to car

Step 2: load the data to key programmer TM100, following the steps in device to program keys.

Method 2: Manual write key

Step 1: as same as Step 1 in method 1.

Step 2: Read one 4C chip with mini900 or other devices, get the key info E2: EB A5 F6 0A, then switch position of the chip data into A5 EB 0A F6 and write it to EEPROM date as the first master key, Save the data. check below photo.



Step 3: Write the data to EEPROM chip with Yanhua key mater, CG100 and VVDI Prog etc. Assemble the immo box back to car, then start the car.


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