The SRS light of a 2017 Honda Odyssey is on after replacing the SRS airbag module, scan the car and reports the fault “ECU Serial ID Code Inconsistent OPDS Unit”, we use Autel MS906 to reset the SRS module, and the light goes off. Below are the procedure.

ECU Serial-ID-Code-Inconsistent-OPDS-Unit

1. Connect Autel MS906 with car via OBD port, enter car model “Honda”.

2. Choose: diagnostics > Control module

3. Continue select: SRS module > Reset

4. Read the device prompts carefully and confirm that the conditions for performing "reset" are met before performing this function.

5. As per prompt to turn ignition off, and then turn on.

6. Click “enter” to begin resetting.

7. Reset complete.

8. Back to SRS module, choose “read fault”, no fault detected. Troubleshoot.


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