What is C1433?

This DTC is stored when the skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) receives an internal malfunction signal from the steering angle sensor. It possible comes ESP light on, VSC light on and SLIP light on.


What may cause C1433?

  1. Steering Angle Sensor power supply.
  2. Disassemble steering wheel
  3. Replace spiral cable
  4. Replace steering column

How to erase C1433 and reset steering angel sensor?

Replace steering angle sensor and spiral cable is a high cost and sometimes can’t solve the problem. We can use below method to erase C1433 code: data recovery and reset zero point calibration

Step 1: Data recovery

As long as the EEPROM chip on steering angle sensor is 24C02, we can use following way to do data recovery. First disassemble steering angle sensor No. 89245-0N020 and find the 8-pin EEPROM chip 24C02, read the chip with key programmer like Yanhua key master and save the file as below photo:



Modify the data like this: replace bytes with red underline with F, retain remaining bytes, as below photo:


Save the data and write it back to chip.

Step 2: reset and zero point calibration

Please do not assemble the sensor to spiral cable, need to plug in first, then connect the tool Lanuch X431 with OBD, turn the ignition to ACC position, run the X431 and select ABS to erase DTC and check the steering angle. If angle is not zero, turn the ignition off, pull out the sensor plug, turn the sensor, then insert its plug, turn the ignition to ACC and check the angel in Launch X431, if the angle is still not zero, just repeat the actions till the angle is 0±3 degree. After setting zero degree, assemble the sensor to spiral cable and every parts to car, at last do zero point calibration with X431(select test mode).


Use this method can 90% solve the problem according to repair ecperience on many cars if the EEPROM is 24C02.


  1. Turn the sensor without electricity on.
  2. Calibration can’t be performed again until the stored data is cleared.


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