We will share a case of how to fix Audi A6 won't open with key fob in this post. Following are details.

Fault symptom

The Audi A6L trunk won’t open with car key button, only key blade can open.

Diagnose process

1. The first thing to consider is whether the settings on the MMI have changed. After checking that the settings are normal, the menu of central control lock is all "open". Use VAS5052 computer to diagnose, no fault code read.

2. The steps to unlock the trunk are: Operate the unlocking button F248 ------ The signal is transmitted to J393 ------- J393 gives the unlocking motor V53 unlocking signal ----- the trunk is open.

3. Because the remote key is workable on unlock the door, the V53 and the line between it and J393 are considered normal. Now the fault point is on F248, read the date of block 006 of J393, and operate F248 to find that the value has changed, which proves that F248 and its line to J393 are also no problem.

4. After analyzing and observing the data, it is found that the signal of the trunk lock switch F124 of group 007 is incorrect. No matter how the key is used to operate the lock, the switch information displayed is always active. In other words: F124 always send the signal “lock” to J393, so the problem is clear. Disassemble F124 and check that the problem was caused by slight deformation of the spring piece.


5. The solution is restore the spring piece.


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