Here we share a case about fix Audi ESP, ABS, EPC and airbag lights on at same time, check following to see how we fix.


Vehicle information

Model: Audi Q5

Mileage: 346KM


Fault symptom

Turn on the ignition and ESP, ABS, EPC, airbag fault light is always on. Turn off the ignition and the fault lights continue to be on.


Diagnose process

1. Connect 505X diagnose computer with car, all systems have no fault codes.

2. Perform the instrument panel component tests, all needles and fault lights of the instrument are normal.

3. The ESP and EPC system alarmed, but the ESP function and engine was found to be normal after the driving test. It is concluded that these fault light alarms are only false alarms, and the system with the fault light on is not faulty.

4. Referring to the circuit diagram, it can be seen that the signal of the fault light alarm system is transmitted through the CAN line of the chassis instrument, and it is confirmed that there is no problem by detecting the CAN line of the chassis.


5. The final test results show that the instrument cluster itself is damaged, and the fault lights disappear after trying to replace the combination meter.

6. After replacing the instrument cluster according to the fault navigation, the on-board computer on the instrument cluster cannot be used. Compared with the actual value using the SVM specified value, there is still no on-board computer. Finally, read the old instrument code and troubleshoot after inputting with self-diagnosis.


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