Fix BMW "charging car battery" fault after battery replacement

In this post we will share how to fix BMW “charging car battery” fault after battery replacement, it can also be called register the battery exchange, as this message appears before we register the battery. Below are details about a case:


Vehicle information

Model: BMW 730

Year: 2012


Fault symptom

The original battery was dead, a message “charging your battery” in dash after new battery replaced.


Possible cause

Haven’t registered the battery.


Repair process

Connect Autel MS906TS or Autel MS908P with car via OBD port, here use MS906TS to display, choose “diagnostics”, will start to build communication with car, choose correct BMW model, then go to: special function > program battery > Register battery exchange > F1: register battery replacement > F1: Enter battery replacement: same capacity, Is the newly installed battery as original BMW component? We replaced the a new original battery, choose “Yes”.



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