It’s common that car won’t start in the freezing cold because fuel line freeze, but have you heard gasoline freeze? We have a real case about gas tank freeze causes the car won’t start, check our mechanic’s notes.

Vehicle information

Model: BMW X1

Year: 2015

Engine: N46


Fault symptom

After the vehicle started, it started to shake two or three times and then went out, and then the car could not start despite the starter is working.


Fix process

1. After scanning, got codes that cylinder 2, 3 and 4 misfire.

2. Based on the principle of simplicity to complexity, first check whether the oil supply is normal.

Read the fuel low pressure value on ISTA: 80kPa is lower than the standard value (about 680kPa), then check the low-pressure fuel pump, unplug the fuel pump output pipe directly, and the fuel is not ejected. Explain that the fuel pump is not working. Check that the power supply of the fuel pump and grounding are within the normal range. The fuel tank is full of fuel. The owner just refueled yesterday.

3. Pump out the gasoline and remove the fuel pump. It is found that the bottom of the fuel tank has all formed ice, and the fuel pump has frozen!



4. In recent days, the temperature has been between -6 ° C and 1 ° C, and the freezing point of gasoline is about -75 ° C. Obviously, its mixture of liquid components is too much water. The lower part of the fuel tank is full of water, and the water is pumped by the oil pump, causing the vehicle to fail to start. The vehicle was left out overnight, and it was frozen!

5. Clear the ice of the fuel tank and pump, check that the appearance and function are normal, clean the fuel line, clean the fuel injection nozzle, fill premium gasoline, and then succeed in starting the car, test driving is good.


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