We shared a case about BMW power window fault, and in this post we will share how to fix Cadillac window won't work.

Vehicle information

Model: Cadillac XTS

Year: 2013


Fault symptom

The client feedbacks the rear left power window sometimes does not work, won’t go up or go down.


Diagnose process

1. Check the windows first, other 3 windows works normally, the rear left window works well when the door is opened, but can’t go up or go down after closing the door. When press the switch near driver’s seat, the rear left window is no response, other windows are working well.

2. Connect GDS2 with car to diagnose, no fault code.

3. As other windows are normal, we temporarily assume the switch to body control module as normal.

4. Since the data communication is connected to the left rear window motor module and the body control module through the network communication line 6135, the door switch signal is received by the left rear window motor module and transmitted to the body control module. The possible cause is motor module or wiring.

5. Test the voltage of wiring is normal, so the possible cause is motor.

6. Replace the motor and test the window, the window start to work.


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