In this post we will share how to fix Ford fault "low speed safety system is not available", below are diagnose process.


Vehicle information

Model: Ford Kuga C520

Mileage: 38000KM


Fault symptom

Message “Low speed safety system is not available” pop up in dashboard.


Diagnose process

1. Connect LDS with car to read, no fault code. Conducted a network test and found that the FDSM module was not on the network.

2. The possible causes:

 FDSM module power supply and the ground line is faulty.

 FDSM module communication line failure.

The FDSM module itself is faulty.

3. Refer to the circuit diagram, Measure the power supply of the FDSM module, and ground terminal 5 # and 7 # voltages are normal. Measure the voltage of 4 # terminal to ground of communication line Can + is 0V, and the voltage of 3 # terminal of Can to ground is 2.32V within the normal range. The communication line of the FDSM module is faulty.

4. After searching, it was found that the connector directly above the middle of the front glass had a poor contact as below photo.


5. Reconnect the connector. Test the car, the fault message disappeared.


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