The tire pressure light of a 2011 Haval H6 is on and the tire pressure value is not displayed After replacing the left rear tire pressure sensor. The new sensor is Autel, and TPMS tool Autel TS408 has no OBD interface, OBD learning cannot be completed independently, it needs to be used with Autel MS908, the specific learning steps are as follows.


1. Connect Autel MS908 with car via OBD port, enter car marks “Great Wall”, choose: Haval > Haval H6 > 2012 > Hot functions.

2. Choose “TPMS”, and this car use Delphi BCM, so we continue to choose “Delphi body controller”.

3. Select “tire pressure sensor learning”. (Note: After entering some models, there are two menus, [Tire Pressure Sensor Learning] and [Tire Pressure Sensor Learning (New)]. If you cannot determine whether it is a "new" type, you can try it separately, it doesn’t matter.)

4. Device prompt: This function must use a dedicated handheld tool (i.e., a dedicated activation device such as TS408 / TS508 / 808TS), otherwise it cannot learn normally. This is also a step that often goes wrong. Most mechanics are accustomed to their own thinking and operation methods. They basically do not look at the prompts and do not understand the principle of tire pressure system, click OK directly to enter the learning function, but this function of Haval car series is very special. Unlike other car series, as long as the tire pressure learning function is entered, you cannot go back. If exit, even if the original car tire pressure is normal, the tire pressure light will be still on. You must complete the tire pressure learning to eliminate the fault light.

5. Click “enter”, then select “Left Front Tire Pressure Sensor Learning”.

6. As per prompt: After clicking [OK], use a dedicated activation device such as TS408 to deactivate (trigger) the left front tire pressure sensor.

7. The device prompts "Left front tire pressure sensor learning complete and successful programmed ", indicating that the left front tire pressure sensor has been successfully learned, and then in order, learn [right front tire pressure sensor learning], [left rear tire pressure sensor learning], [right Rear tire pressure sensor learning], the learning steps are the same as the front left.

8. After all the 4 tire pressure sensors have been learned, the tire pressure light goes off, drive the vehicle for a few minutes, and the tire pressure value of each tire on the dash display gradually. Finish.


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