Ford focus all key lost programming

For old model Ford Focus 2008-2011 all key lost programming, need to prepare two key fobs with cut blade and chip 4D63, use key programmer like lonsdor or Xtool x100 to connect car’s OBDII port to programming, no key code is required.


During the operation, need to pay attention to following:

  1. Correct chip

As chip has many types, ensure select correct and real 4D63 chip. Once chip is wrong, programming won’t succeed.

  1. Car battery is fully charged.

Because ignition and all systems will be on, but the engine will not be running, you need to make sure that the car battery is fully charged. 8 minutes need to be waited after the device start to program, if the voltage drops considerably, the programming might be not succeed. Low voltage can cause the ECM make noise, big sound if honk the horn.

  1. Dashboard fault


If dashboard light off or fail communication in 8 minutes programming, there are two possible causes:

Cause 1: The car has programmed one key before, didn’t end programming with secondary key. Solution is with new key insert to ignition, reset immobilizer and ECM, need 10 minutes, after reset, then turn the key off. Turn the key on, start car ok.

Cause 2: car running well, but won’t start again after stop the car, maybe the EEPROM chip not sold well after odometer correction or the loose cable connection to dashboard.

It’s common situation that the immobilizer active for no reason. Main cause is dashboard, Solution is first check the fuses to dashboard is normal working, no blew out. Then disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes and reconnect it to try to force a reset, start the car again, the security light will be off.


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