How to activate VW needle sweep?

Most of cars have hidden features, and we can active or inactivate the features with tool. In this post we are going to share a case that activate VW golf needle sweep. Follows are the details of the case.

Vehicle information

Model: VW Golf

Year: 2017


Client’s request

Activate needle sweep


Activate process

1. Start the car to light up the dash.

2. Connect MS908S or MS906BT with car via OBD port, click “diagnostics”, choose correct car model. (VDI illuminates solid green is required)

3. After enter the model, choose coding/individualization test, and then click cloud backup coding.

4. After coding backup, select “hidden feature”, then click “expert mode”.

5. Choose “17-dashboard”, then click “coding”. There is a certain risk in coding hidden features, please record any coded value you have changed, you can click “screenshot” on bottom panel.

6. We can see the current software coding, and click “set value”, in Byte 01, there is a cross in front of “bit 0 needle sweep” means inactivate status, click modify and choose “Bit 0 needle sweep activation”, and then click “enter”. If activate success, the cross (×) will be replaced with a tick (√) in front of “bit 0 needle sweep”.

7. Click “enter” and a new coding value is created, then press “enter”. Activation complete.


This tool can also activate needle sweep on other models of VW and Audi.


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