How to activate BMW roll up the window with key fob?

Sometimes we can see some guys roll up the windows with push their key fob button after they getting out the car, it’s really very convenient if we leave the car few steps away and notice we didn’t close the window. But if we try to do it with key fob, it is not workable. That’s because they have changed the car software setting. In this post we will share a case to show you how to activate BMW close windows with key fob.

Vehicle information

Model: BMW X3

Year: 2013


Client’s request

Roll up the window with key fob


Activate process:

1. Connect special F chassis cable with car via OBD port, another end connect Bluetooth box, then use USB cable connect Bluetooth box and Autel MS908. One end of the network cable is connected to the special plug of the chassis, another end connect Autel MS908.

2. Push one start button on car, in MS908 menu, click “diagnostics”, choose correct car model, system will build communication with car, then choose “coding”, check the connection no errors, click “enter”, the right bottom panel will show Tethering or hotspot is enabled, that is connection is successful.

3. Check the car information, then press “car/key memory unit(hidden feature)”, go to: window/sunroof > CAS( easy remote disable), then we can see this function had disabled, click “activated”, and press enter, will show he easy remote is activated.

4. Press exit, the system will store new configuration data.

5. Press one start button to turn off engine. Get out the car and hold down lock button of key fob, the window will roll up. Finish.


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