How to add key for BMW motorbike R1200GS?

With testing the working key, the chip of BMW motorcycle R1200GS is 4D70, but tried many chip copiers like VVDI key tool, KD-X2, mini 900 and handy baby all can’t copy this chip to make a new key, then try to write key.


For obtain the immo data, need to know where the data are stored, after disassemble ignition, the ignition lock is like below photo, so we can confirm the immo info is stored in ignition EWS immo box. VVDI2 and Tango both can’t write chip 4D70, but TMPro 2 is workable. Below are steps to program BMW motorrad R1200GS key.


Step 1: Open software module 191

As R1200GS key is stored in ignition EWS immo box, we need to buy module 191 which can read this ignition immo box in TMPro 2.


Step 2: read immo box with TMPro 2

With module 191 paid, select this module, as per connection diagram to read data and save.


Step 3: Write key with TMPro 2.

Load the data in step 2 to TMPro 2, insert a new chip to programmer, and then write key.


Step 4: Check encrypted chip

After generating chip, need to check it is encrypted, use KD-X2, vvdi key tool, Mini900 or handy baby to test. If encrypted, proved write key in step 3 is successful. With written chip installed in key, start the motorbike.


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