The new models such as the new Teana and X-trail launched by Nissan from 2014, Nissan has replaced the original immobilizer system. The immobilizer password is upgraded from the original 5-digit fixed code to a random 20-digit code, which not only improves the anti-theft performance of the vehicle, but also makes it more difficult for us to program the keys.

What is 20-digit code?

Every time we use the device to read the vehicle BCM code, it is a 20-digit hexadecimal code. Every time we read, the 20-digit BCM code will change once. It also means that the immobilizer password of the original car is not a fixed value.

What tool can calculate pin code for new model Nissan autos after 2014?


For 20-digit code, here we introduce one kind of pin code calculator. It is NSPC001, its adapter is directly connect car’s OBD port, another end connector directly plugged into the Lonsdor key programmer or other key programmer. As long as the BCM code is read, the small screen on the adapter automatically calculates the pin code. It can be directly input into the key programmer. It supports transfer 5-digit to 4-digit (both new and old) and also supports the latest 20-digit code transfer 20-digit code. There is no limit token to 5-digit transfer 4-digit code, and the limit of 20-digit to 20-digit is 100 tokens. No computer is required, plug and play, automatic transfer.


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