How to choose correct smart keys when add Toyota keys?

Some Toyota key fob looks same in shape and same makes, but still can’t add new keys, we can check following:



1. Check Chip. An example For Camry and highlander, before 2009 Chip is ID71, and 2009-2012 it is ID74. After 2012 it is 8A chip.


2. Check Frequecny. For 312MHz,315Mhz and others, it can be ASK or FSK. Below is some info for reference if have pcb board.


ID71 315MHz: board ID 0111 = ASK   RV4 Reiz 2009

ID71 315MHz: board ID 0140 = ASK   Camry Highlander 2009

ID74 315MHz: board ID 3370 = ASK   Camry Highlander after 2009

ID74 315MHz: board ID 5290 = FSK   Crown Reiz after 2009

ID71 315MHz: board ID 0780 = ASK   Previa

ID71 312MHz: board ID 6221 = FSK   Vellfire

ID74 433MHz: board ID A433 = ASK   Cruiser

ID74 433MHz: board ID F433 = FSK    Cruiser


3. Check smart type. Look it is WD01 or WD04 or others….


4.Check fob is new, never used. If the key is used, it is locked, we can’t program the key via OBD, only to do data initialization for immobilizer box and smart key box.


Is there any device can check these? Handy baby and Mini 900, lonsdor KH100 is okay.