Here share a software immo universal decoding to help locksmith disable immo in the job.


Installation: First download the file, unzip, Win10 not support this software


Step 1: go to: IUDv3.2 > HWIDGen.exe > Copy ID.




Step 2: Back to another file, Go to: IMMO Universal 3.2 KeyGen32 > keygen.exe > enter any user name and paste ID copied in step 2 and click “generate”, then close.





Step 3: go to: Archives > linkobd(your user name file created in step 2) > back > linkobd > lic.key, copy this file.




Step 4: Go back, Go to: IUDv3.2 > paste file” lic.key” > ImmDec3.exe. The software installed.




The guide to use the software:


Run the software, open the immo data file(only support format BIN file). Click “ repair”, Popup a window, then select yes, few seconds later, a window popup with message” File repaired with success”, then click “OK”, at last save the file.





Immo universal decoding 3.2 free download: https://mega.nz/#!UVtyVaAK!HQIyNTJx8V7u2026YABbwKfeZnAQVOnhRC6Ol03XLNM


DISCLAIMER: The technology and software in the blog are only used for technical research and auto repair, and are not allowed to be used for illegal purposes, We will not be responsable for any direct and indirect damages from the use of the file created by this page.