Ford RCM is restraint control module (electronic control unit), main function is airbag accelerometer. If the car has a crash or airbag deployment, the general solution is replace the RCM, and it requires programming. In this post we will show how to replace and program 2016 Ford Mondeo using Autel MS908P.

1. Connect MS908P with car via OBD port, enter car model “Ford”. Select “programming” in main menu.

2. Choose: programmable module installation > RCM

3. Read the prompt, then click “enter”.

4. Confirm the VIN, click “enter”.

5. Operate as the prompt: Turn the ignition switch off, click “enter”. Install a new module to car, click “enter”. Turn the ignition switch on.

6. If the configuration data cannot be obtained from the original module, need to manually configure the replaced module with As-built configuration data (the As-built data can get from

7. This time need to use as-built configuration data, enter the as-built data searched in order

8. After all the configuration data entered, the interface will enter a configuration time of 10 seconds.

9. After the module configuration is complete, need to read the fault code again to confirm the programming result. No code read, the RCM successful replaced and programmed.


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