How to fix Maserati Quattroporte tire pressure light on?

This post will share a case on fix 2014 Maserati Quattroporte tire pressure light on.

The car is Maserati Quattroporte, tire pressure light on when start the car, all four tires no tire pressure display. Below is procedure we do:

1. Use Autel MaxiTPMS to test TMPS sensor, go to: advance model > Maserati > Quattroporte > 2013/01 -2017/12(433MHz)(M156) > TPMS diagnose, detect TPMS sensor one by one.

2. Four tires all shows the tire pressure, that means sensor is normall, no fault.


3. Connect Autel MK908P with car via OBD port, enter maserati chassis, go to: Maserati > Quattroporte M156 (2013-2015) > Control unit > chassis > TPM – Tire pressure monitor, it display the device can’t build communication with tire pressure monitor module, it means the tire pressure monitoring system module and other control moduls on the vehicle are not communicating with each other.

4. The possible cause of communication failure: 1. No switch ignition on 2. Bad cable connecting 3. Car battery not normal work 4. The loss of power to the TPMS module.

5. According to experience, check the wiring and circuit, the TPMS module is located on left body floor, need to remove body floor, find the module and check wiring, the wire that transmit power and signal is broken.


6. Connect the wiring and blind the connection.

7. Go into to car, push the start button, the TMPS light go off.

8. Connect Autel 908 again, go to: Maserati > Quattroporte M156 (2013-2015) > Control unit > chassis > TPM – Tire pressure monitor, at present the device can communicate with car, then choose read fault code, no fault detected. Repair finish.


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