How to fix Mercedes Benz Diesel car fault "remaining starts" by refill Adblue?

Fault message “remaining starts X”(where X can be any number) is common in Mercedes Benz diesel cars such as C220, E220, ML350, , S350, G350, ML250 which use Adblue technology, in their mode names always have “BlueTEC”. Adblue is to reduce the emission of pollutants, mainly nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas, to prevent air pollution. The professional name is: diesel exhaust fluid. It is a liquid used in SCR technology to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel vehicle exhaust.


Below is a real case on fix fault message “remaining starts”, show the process step by step:

Car model: Benz S350 BlueTEC 4MATIC

Chassis: 221

Year: 2012

Engine: 642

Fault symptom: “remaining starts 8” message on the dashboard.

Step 1: Connect Xentry diagnose system with car via OBD port, enter “CD160LS (engine control unit)” to read error, read engine control unit, choose “SCR”, the possible fault is “adblue fluid system has an error”.

Step 2: The Adblue filling amount 10L is required by WIS, then refill the adblue. (Adblue tank is located under the trunk, open the trunk, lift the board, you can find it)


Step 3: Connect Xentry system with car again, enter CD160LS > control unit adaptation > reset and erase fault memory with Adblue.

Step 4: start the car and drive, require: 1. Water temperature: above 80 degrees

2.Exhaust gas purifier temperature is above 250. 3. Drive at 80KM/H for 15S ~ 20 and then accelerate to 100 ~ 110KM/H again and repeat 5 times. Then the message is gone.


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