How to fix Tire pressure loss?

There are many reasons can cause tire pressure light on, and we also shared two cases in previous posts:

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In this post we will discuss tire pressure loss again, check our real case with below details.

Vehicle information

Model: BMW F18

Year: 2015

Engine: N20


Fault symptom

“Rear right tire pressure loss, stop carefully” message on the screen while driving. Check that the tire pressure is really low, but can't find the leak point at the tire repair shop!


Fix process

1. Set the tire pressure to the standard. After two days of test running, the right rear wheel loses pressure. Check that the tire pressure is 1 bar lower than the standard value. It indicates that the vehicle tire pressure monitoring system is working normally.

2. Focus on the right rear tire, the car is 1300 kilometers, the tire is almost new. There are no studs or cracks on the tire surface. Use soapy water to find the leak point on the tire, but nothing found. The tread, sidewall, and valve are not leaked. The tire pressure hits 4 bar. After standing for 1 hour, the pressure is still 4 bar! Is the tire airtight?


3. It may be that the steel wheel is deformed, and the dynamic balance check of the tire is not deformed visually, and the balance value is zero.

4. Put the tire back on the car. After 1 hour, check that the tire pressure has decreased by 0.9bar. Put the tire back on the car. After 1 hour, check that the tire pressure has decreased by 0.9 bar. Check with soapy water and find that there is an air leak at the tire balance block.


5. Remove the original balance block. Disassemble and assemble tire again, then use new adhesive tire balance block for dynamic balancing.


6. The test run did not leak after balance block replacement, and the customer did not feedback pressure loss after driving some days.


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