A 2010 Toyota Highlander replaced a brand new deceleration sensor and the slide light on the dash is always on. After reading the ABS system, the fault code is "C1336 Zero Point Calibration Of Deceleration Sensor Undone ", the mechanic performed the zero calibration of the deceleration sensor using Autel MS908P, the fault code was successfully cleared, the slide light was off, troubleshot. Below are the steps to do zero calibration.


1. Connect MS908P with car via OBD port, enter car type “Toyota” through reading VIN.

2. Read code: C1336 Zero Point Calibration of Deceleration Sensor Undone.

3. Choose “ABS/VSC/TCS” control unit, and select “special functions”.

4. Choose “test mode”.

5. Read the prompts carefully, make sure all the conditions are met and click "Next step"

6. Keep the vehicle stationary for at least 2 seconds, and then click "OK". At this time, the ABS / VSC Light on the dash will flash, indicating that the calibration is complete. Then continue to erase fault code.

7. After the fault code is cleared, the ABS & VSC light is off, calibration done.


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